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3 Guidelines for Efficiently Procuring Replacement Parts

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It can’t be said enough: time is money.  When your equipment is down and you have to stop production you’re losing time and money.  Getting production equipment back up and running quickly will save money and protect relationships with customers. If you are struggling with keeping your equipment online because you don’t have a vendor for replacement parts that is responsive enough, you are not alone.  By following three simple guidelines, you can avoid frustration, roadblocks, and profit loss.


#1: Seek a Reliable and Rapid Availability Vendor for Your Replacement Parts

The trouble that many businesses have when seeking replacement parts is they are under the impression that OEM parts are the only option.  While OEM parts are usually an option, an increasing number of businesses are turning away from this practice because they can secure replacement parts, with the same specifications, elsewhere much more efficiently.  Businesses want vendors that respond to their needs quickly and don’t have to continue to repeat their needs for production and fast delivery to take place.

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Figure 1: CLICK HERE to Learn More About Customer Service and How It Impacts Customers Decision

The trouble with OEM parts providers is that they often have very long lead times.  It can take hours to days to get a response from an OEM parts supplier.  Then, it can take weeks for delivery.  In some cases, the OEM parts are no longer manufactured.  When time is money, most businesses simply don’t have the time to wait to get back online.  This is why they are turning to replacement parts providers that respond in hours and begin their manufacturing right away.

Access a Replacement Parts Vendor with Advanced Engineering Expertise

Because accessing OEM parts is not always as efficient as you need, businesses should endeavor to work with a replacement parts vendor that offers advanced engineering expertise.  While OEM used to be the standard when replacement parts were needed, now some vendors can recreate even the most obscure parts.

Working with a parts provider that is well versed in parts will ensure a couple of important things.  First, it will ensure that you can quickly access the parts you need when you need them.  Even if the part is no longer being made, you don’t have to wait weeks to source a part.  If you are working with a vendor who can create the part to the same specifications as your OEM but get it to you much more efficiently, why wouldn’t you go this route?

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Figure 2: Learn More About Choosing a Vendor

Additionally, when you are working with a vendor who has advanced engineering expertise, you don’t have to concern yourself if a part can be sourced or if it is still even being manufactured by the original distributor.  If you still have equipment that is running well but the parts are no longer made, there may be pressure to buy new equipment, but this may not be necessary at all.  When you choose to work with a custom parts supplier, you can have parts reverse engineered despite OEM suppliers not having access to the parts any longer. With reverse engineering, the custom parts vendor can recreate virtually part, to the exact specifications.

Utilize a Vendor Known for Quality and Integrity

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Figure 3: Learn How Trust Impacts Business

When you decide to make the move to a custom parts manufacturer, you need to choose a vendor who has the experience and is also known for their quality parts as well as their honesty and integrity.  Choosing a vendor with these qualities will help to ensure that you receive custom parts that meet or exceed your expectations.

Wondering how you find such a vendor?  One of the best methods to find a trusted vendor is to ask other people in the business.  As you can see in the infographic on the left, 65% of all business comes from referrals.  Meaning, 65% of people are looking to others to help them choose a vendor for their needs.  If you have such contacts, this is a great place to start in your search for the vendor who can fulfill your specific needs.

If you don’t have any current contacts who can refer you to a custom parts vendor, the next best thing is to get online and read reviews.  Satisfied customers as well as dissatisfied customers are likely to leave reviews for vendors.  You can get a great idea if a company is one you would like working with from independent reviews as you get the whole picture from a variety of sources.

When you come across companies that seem like contenders for your business, you should then take the time to interview them.  When you are relying on a vendor to keep you online, you need to know that they understand your needs well.  Hiring a vendor is much like hiring an employee, you need to know that you can trust them to do the job that you need them to do, in the time that you need them to do it.  Through interviewing you can ensure turn around times are to your liking and get a feel for how the company does business.

Finding the right vendor for your needs can take a bit of research and work, but it is time well spent.  When you work with a vendor you are trusting them to get you the quality parts that you need when you need them.  So, taking the time to make the right connection with a parts supplier is as important as any other business decision you make, if not more so.

Moving Forward with The Right Vendor

Now that you know what type of vendor you need to look for and how to find them, it’s time to go out and find the parts vendor that will serve your needs well.  If you follow the three factors outlined above, you will find that your operation will naturally experience less downtime and have the benefit of high quality and reliable parts which will result in improved profitability.

ROC Company Is Ready to Be Your Parts Vendor

If you are looking for seals, bearings, bushings, or other carbon graphite replacement parts, ROC Carbon would be delighted to work with you.  Since 1956, our goal has been to provide our clients with the part they need, to their specifications, in as little time as possible.  We know that replacement parts procurement can affect profitability, so our business model is to get you the parts that you need as quickly as possible. Please feel free to download a brochure today or contact us to request a quote so we can help you get back up and running.



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