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Mechanical Seal Faces

Manufacturing Carbon/Graphite
Mechanical Seal Faces

Carbon Graphite Mechanical Seal Faces

ROC Carbon’s Mechanical Seal Faces

At ROC Carbon, we’re pleased to manufacture carbon/graphite mechanical seal faces from your drawings or samples, using the same high-quality materials and tolerances that are found in original equipment manufacturer parts. ROC is experienced in machining intricate details such as flow channels and ports. Our lapping capabilities encompass both carbon and hard faces up to 16 inches in diameter and to as flat as 1 helium light band. We can insert the carbon seals in metal housings (machined by us or furnished by you) by heat shrink fitting or by using specialty high-temperature adhesives.

Technical Services Readily Available

ROC Carbon’s engineering staff is available to help you evaluate seal problems and to recommend solutions involving seal geometry and material.

Ordering Information

For original equipment replacement parts, please furnish sample parts or the specifications of the machine. For custom parts, please furnish drawings.

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