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Labyrinth Seals

For All Makes & Models of Turbines
and Compressors

labyrinth seals

Providing a Full Range of Labyrinth Seals

ROC manufactures labyrinth seals up to 10 inches in diameter for all makes and models of turbines and compressors. Our CNC machining capabilities allow for custom millwork and a full range of tooth configurations. So, whether you need straight, stepped, angled, staggered, or other configurations, we’ve got you covered.

Our Proven Process

For two-piece seals, the material is split and the mating faces milled to provide a tight seal. The pieces are then joined together as a single unit for the remainder of the manufacturing process.  We have found this process produces the highest level of tolerances and roundness in the finished part. This, in turn, maximizes the sealing performance.

During final inspection, the seal is measured as an assembled set to simulate the same conditions as when it is installed in the equipment. Finally, the joints are match-marked to ensure your seal is installed properly.

Materials & Customizations

Common materials for labyrinth seals include the following:

  • Bronze
  • Aluminum
  • Nickel-silver alloy
  • Ni-resist
  • As well as other materials upon request

For your convenience, ROC can also manufacture labyrinth seals from customer-furnished drawings or samples. Custom sizes and fast delivery are our specialties.

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