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Superior ROCBON PTFE Composites


ROCBON PTFE Composites

ROCBON high-performance, reinforced fluorocarbon composites are unique in the plastics family and possess exceptional properties:

  • chemical resistance
  • self-lubricating
  • thermal stability
  • moisture resorbent
  • contamination resistance
  • mechanical strength
  • electrical insulation

Grades and Application

1007 Virgin PTFE for packings, seals and bushings
1051 25% fiberglass-filled grade for common seals and bushings
1521 50% stainless steel-filled grade for bearings and valve seat applications where high load and corrosion are primary concerns.
1551 Ceramic-filled grade (25% mica) for applications where high wear resistance is required.
1621 35% carbon fiber-filled grade where high strength and high wear performance is sought; a high-performance composite grade.
1821 Moly/bronze-filled grade for bearing and seal applications where high load strength is needed. 55% bronze, 5% moly filled
1911 and 1921 Carbon/graphite-filled grades for bearings, piston rings, rider rings, and various seals. An excellent combination that provides good service life. 1911 has 25% fill, 1921 has 35% fill.


Solid cylinder: 1.5 in. to 6 in. diameter, 12 in. long
Tube: 1.5 in. to 15.875 in. diameter, 12 in. long

Raw Materials Technical Support

Technical support is available to help select the proper grade for the application, and engineering design service can be provided for the finished product. For fastest response, call our toll-free number.

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