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Technical Services

Expert Engineering & Technical Services

Technical Services & Engineering from ROC Carbon

ROC Carbon’s Technical Services staff offers a wide range of assistance in specifying and applying carbon/graphite materials and products. Our services include:

Engineering Consultation / Troubleshooting

ROC’s staff is here to help you solve material problems for bushings, seals and other applications.  From discussing material selection or upgrades to solving excessive wear problems, and finding out if one of our existing product lines is a solution for your application, you can rely on our immediate assistance.  We will help you find a solution; and if we can’t, we’ll refer you to someone who can. As always, our top priority at ROC Carbon is to ensure that your operations have as little downtime as possible.

Reverse Engineering Sample Parts

Many of our orders are manufactured using sample parts.  These samples are almost always severely worn or broken in multiple pieces. Our engineering staff will determine a comparable material grade, create a production drawing of the part, recalculate the clearances and fits to make the part function as new.

If the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cannot provide repair parts because the equipment is no longer supported, or has been modified due to a re-rate or damage, ROC will work with you to get the replacement parts you need.

Material Grade Recommendations

While our Grade Selection Guide has a great deal of information for selecting materials, it is always good to double check with our engineering staff to be sure you have the correct grade for your application. 

Many times a material change can help solve operating problems with a particular part or piece of equipment.  Also included are recommendations on loads and speed limitations of the carbon/graphite material to be sure it will function as intended.

Material Identification

ROC is able to work from a customer supplied sample to determine a comparable grade of carbon. This includes resin impregnated and metal impregnated carbon grades. We also can identify grades metals and many engineered plastics as well. 

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Precision Abrasive Water-Jet Cutting

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CNC Machining Station

We’re always available for you! Contact Technical Services at:

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