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Segmented Carbon Ring Seals

Optimum Sealing Performance & Service Life

ROC Carbon Segmented Seal Rings

Carbon/graphite is the ideal material for steam turbine packing rings, and ROC Carbon is the perfect source for high-performance segmented carbon ring seals. Our rings feature precision manufacturing and special material grades for optimum sealing performance and service life.

High-Quality Materials 

These carbon/graphite grades have a fine-grain structure with excellent mechanical properties. Retaining (or “garter”) springs are made from Inconel (for temperatures above 700° F) or stainless steel. Stops are made from stainless steel, cadmium-plated steel, or bronze.

Precision Manufacturing

The sealing effectiveness of ROC Carbon turbine rings is achieved with a combination of careful design and painstaking craftsmanship in manufacturing. Shaft clearance calculations take into account the coefficient of thermal expansion of both the shaft material and the selected carbon/graphite grade as well as the exact operating temperature. Typical segment ends are either overlap or light-tight butt joints, and each joint is matched and marked. Ring faces are given a commercial lap finish.

Availability & Convenience

ROC Carbon maintains an extensive inventory of the most popular packing ring styles. Most orders for segmented carbon ring seals can ship the same day, earning us the distinction of having the fastest turn-around rates in the industry! Nonstandard and obsolete parts can be manufactured and delivered in a day! Our unique manufacturing methods have provided customers with that worldwide service for decades!

Instant OEM Part Cross-Referencing

Over the past 60 years, we have compiled a comprehensive database of 20,000 cross reference part numbers. If you can supply the model number or OEM part number, we can quickly determine the correct ROC part number and respond with a quote or ship the part immediately if it is in stock.

Technical Services

ROC Carbon’s engineering staff is available to help you evaluate seal problems and to recommend solutions involving seal geometry and material. For nonstandard parts for modified machines, we will recommend the proper turbine ring ID if you furnish steam conditions and shaft size.

Ordering is Simple

For original equipment replacement parts, please furnish the OEM part number or the specifications of the machine. For custom-designed segmented carbon ring seals, just provide us with your operating conditions and we will design a seal for you.

For the fastest response, chat with us today!