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ROC Carbon Company Overview

Discover Our Capabilities & History

Fast Response You’ve Come to Expect

ROC Carbon is set up to make production-run parts as well as one-of-a-kind, small-quantity parts efficiently and economically. That means you can get the extra performance you need at a surprisingly low cost. ROC Carbon also responds quickly to keep your machine downtime as brief as possible.

When no engineering is required, we can usually manufacture and ship parts in a matter of a few days or even hours. Of course, if you need a standard replacement part and we have it in our large inventory, we can ship it immediately.

How ROC Carbon Began

First founded in 1956 by Mr. Morgan Ricks, the company was shortly joined by Bob Owens to create the Ricks-Owens & Company, which later became the ROC Carbon Company that we know today.

Out of his garage, Mr. Ricks began to sell what the Gulf Coast refineries needed most: carbon/graphite turbine packing rings for fast turnaround repairs. Much like today, the faster you could get the steam turbine repaired and back in service, the less of a loss a refinery incurred.

The business back then was truly a family affair! His wife Dody and daughter Pam manned the phones and kept track of the inventory. Eventually, the business outgrew the garage and Mr. Ricks purchased land in Houston to create his warehouse and manufacturing facility.

Our Company Today

ROC Carbon Company is still manufacturing over 60 years later in a 30,000 square-foot facility on Brittmoore Road in Houston, Texas.

Today, the ROC Carbon Company manufactures a wide variety of crucial refinery items, such as seals, rings, and bearings. We also provide many other high-precision wear parts for compressors, steam turbines, centrifugal pumps, and industrial fans and blowers. At the same time, we supply parts to original equipment manufacturers, to repair shops and to end users- petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants, and the marine industry.

ROC Carbon Manufacturing Capabilities

Morgan Ricks realized over 60 years ago the need for a company to be responsive to the needs of its customers. He had a passion to help them be as successful as possible.  That need still exists today, and this is why ROC still exists today. Our goal is to continue in that legacy, while also providing much more to each and every customer that we service.

How is this accomplished today? First of all, our product lines have increased over the years to custom bearings, mechanical seal faces, graphite plates, as well as many grades of raw material. Ultimately, we ensure quick turnaround to any customer who has a need.  What sets ROC apart from our competitors is our all-around 24/7 responsiveness to all of our customers.

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