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ROC Carbon Technical Services

Engineering Consulting

At ROC Carbon, as manufacturers ourselves, we understand that each and every one of our clients have unique needs. This is why we offer a host of technical services that will ensure that you have the carbon graphite parts you need when you need them. Our focus is always on providing our clients with exactly what they need, which is why we offer a host of technical services so we can be sure to deliver every time.

ROC Carbon Company

Engineering Consultation

We also understand how frustrating material problems for bushings and bearings, seals and other applications can be.  That is why we enjoy working with our clients to help with material selection or even upgrading materials to reduce issues with excessive wear.  We are proud to offer prompt troubleshooting assistance when you need it.  We will help you find a solution to your problems and if we can’t solve it for you, we will refer you to someone who can.  Our goal is to help keep you online, and when you are offline due to parts issues, our goal is to provide you with the products or services necessary to get you back to work.

Reverse Engineering at ROC Carbon

Are you looking to replace damaged or worn parts? A lot of our business is helping clients with parts that are worn down and have fallen apart.  Our engineering team works with our clients to determine what material grade should be used to create the part, and then we get to work creating a production drawing of the part, recalculating the clearances to ensure that the part will function as intended.  When you have older parts like this, the original equipment manufacturer often cannot provide new parts or replace old ones.  There is no need to worry though, ROC Carbon can support you with our reverse engineering services.

Material Grade Recommendations

We offer a material grade selection guide, but if you are uncertain if that is the right fit for your needs, a member of the ROC Carbon engineering team is always happy to discuss the recommended material grade for your specific application.  If you are having issues with a particular part, we can recommend upgrading the material to better handle loads and speed so the part can function as needed.

Material Identification

If you have a part that needs to be replaced but you are not sure of the material or the material grade, ROC Carbon can help.  From a customer supplied sample we can determine a comparable grade of carbon.  We can easily identify metal grades and engineered plastics.

Contact ROC Carbon for Technical Services Today

ROC Carbon is dedicated to helping our clients get back online and stay online.  We know that replacing parts is not always straight forward, which is why we offer this whole host of technical services.  .

Simply contact us with any questions or concerns that you have.  We look forward to assisting you

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