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Bearings & Bushings: Quality Carbon Graphite Replacement Parts

Image of bearings; graphite impregnated bronze bearings

Are you tired of searching for carbon graphite replacement parts but never finding a reliable source? Are you tired of long lead times when seeking the replacement parts you need from an OEM? This is a common frustration for organizations that have equipment that needs bushings and bearings replaced from time to time. 

At ROC Carbon, we understand how frustrating it can be to find a source for reliable replacement bearings and bushings for your equipment. Seeking replacement parts from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can be costly and time-consuming, which can cause delays in your operation. That’s why we have been serving the needs of organizations for over 60 years, providing quick and reliable access to carbon graphite replacement parts.

Carbon graphite is an ideal material for manufacturing bearings and bushings as it offers excellent qualities such as high resistance to wear and corrosion, low friction, and self-lubrication. This makes it ideal for use in a wide range of industrial applications that require long-lasting, high-performance replacement parts.

Our team of experts at ROC Carbon is dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality carbon graphite bearings and bushings promptly, without long lead times. We use advanced technologies and techniques to produce custom-made parts tailored to the specific requirements of your equipment, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Our parts are of the highest quality and are thoroughly tested to meet industry standards before being shipped to our clients.

For over six decades, we have specialized in providing customized bearing and bushing solutions to a vast range of industries, including aerospace, military, mining, and oil and gas. Our reputation for providing reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions has made us a trusted provider of replacement parts to organizations worldwide.

carbon graphite bushing

ROC Carbon Bearings & Bushings

ROC Carbon is proud to offer self-lubricating bushings and bearings in a variety of material grades to meet the specific need of each client.  We offer not only standard replacement styles but also offer custom-designed parts for specific operating needs.  Our parts selection ranges from simple sleeve bushings to more complex styles that can incorporate notches, grooves, or metal reinforced sleeves.

Our high-quality bushings and bearings are made from carbon graphite materials because they offer the superior strength, hardness, and wear-resistant that carbon is known for, as well as the lubricity that graphite is known for.  Carbon graphite replacement parts are optimal because they are strong, thermally stable, and are inert in most chemical and corrosive applications.  Where even better wear performance, increased heat-resistant or impervious materials are desired, performance properties can be enhanced by impregnating the carbon graphite with resins, metals, and oxidation inhibitors. ROC Carbon also offers metal-backed carbon graphite bearings for use in extreme service needs.  The metals we select will depend on need but should offer excellent corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity.

ROC Carbon Wants to Be Your Bushings and Bearings Supplier

If you are tired of looking for replacement parts that can be obtained quickly, you need not look any further than ROC Carbon. Since 1956, we have been meeting the needs of clients like you who need replacement parts quickly, and we are sure that we can exceed your expectations.

At ROC Carbon, we strive to be your trusted supplier for all your bushings and bearings needs. With over 60 years of experience serving a wide range of industries, we understand the importance of reliable and high-quality replacement parts for your equipment. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our expertise in carbon graphite materials, allows us to provide customized solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves on delivering prompt and efficient service, minimizing downtime, and ensuring your operations run smoothly. Partner with ROC Carbon, and let us be your go-to supplier for dependable and long-lasting bushings and bearings.

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