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OEM VS Custom: Benefit of Custom Carbon Graphite Parts

Original Equipment Manufacturer (Business)

Sometimes our machines break down and when that happens, you begin a journey to replace whatever broke.  Sometimes that is as simple as running down the street and picking up a new fan belt or snagging a few fuses.  Other times, you might come across the term OEM. While abbreviations can be confusing, OEM simply means the Original Equipment Manufacturer.  Simply put, an OEM part is a part that was made by the manufacturer for a machine, equipment or device.

Why OEM is Not Always an Option

Now that you know what OEM is, you may be wondering why you would purchase custom parts when you can just order the part from the original manufacturer.  There are many reasons why a custom part makes the most sense including:

  • OEM parts are not always readily available.  You might have to wait days or even weeks while a part is sourced and shipped and that could mean a stoppage in production. Each and every day that you are waiting for that part is lost production and earnings.
  • In some cases, the part may no longer be produced.  If you don’t have the latest model of a device, you may find that the parts that you need to replace are no longer in production. When the parts are no longer produced by the OEM, it can be nearly impossible to find them from other sources and if you can, they are often cost-prohibitive.
  • OEM parts can be more costly than custom parts.  If you are looking to save money and repair the equipment affordably, OEM parts may not be your best option.  While OEM parts are not always more expensive, consumers often find that custom parts are more budget-friendly.

Why Custom Parts?

If you need a part and you can’t source it from the original manufacturer, can’t source it affordably or it can’t be delivered in a reasonable amount of time, having the part made specifically for you is a great option.

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  • Custom carbon graphite parts can help return to an operational status more quickly.  When you choose custom parts they can be ordered, manufactured and shipped rapidly.  Instead of being down for weeks or months waiting on OEM parts, you can order carbon graphite parts and have them delivered within days!
  • If you have found that the part that you need is no longer produced by the original manufacturer, your device or equipment is not lost.  Instead, the part can be made specifically to your specifications.  A serial number is all that is needed to recreate the original part.  Specialty parts can also be created with the use of accurate measurements.

As you can see, carbon graphite parts or custom graphite parts simply make sense because they are easily sourced and shipped.  Getting back online more quickly and often more affordably simply makes good sense.

Roc Carbon Company is Here to Help

Roc Carbon Company would be pleased to provide you with all of your carbon graphite parts, including custom or specialty parts, brushes, bearings, seals and more. Since 1956, our goal has been to provide our clients with the parts they need, to their exact specifications, in as little time as possible to minimize downtime. 

Don’t let a broken part stall your business!

Download a brochure today or contact us today and let us know how we can help you!

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