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It’s 2021: Time to Experience the ROC Carbon Difference

ROC Carbon Company

It’s a new year and it’s a great time to find new business connections that will position you for success.  There is no reason to enter another year dealing with a replacement parts vendor or OEM who never seems to have the parts you need in stock or is slow to ship.  ROC Carbon has extensive experience providing our clients with the parts they need when they need them.  Our motto is, “Customer Driven, Service Focused, Purpose Led” and our clients feel this every time they request a quote for a new part.  We know that when you need parts, you need them to be crafted with care and shipped to you ASAP.  Are you ready to experience the ROC Carbon Company difference?


Experience matters.  Over 60 years ago, the founder of ROC Carbon Company, Morgan Ricks, found

ROC Carbon Company
Experience Matters in Building Customer Relationships

that customers need their needs realized and they need them realized quickly.  Since 1956, we have been focusing on predicting the needs of our customers, anticipating their calls, and knowing how we can best serve them.

This experience gives us a leg up on the competition.  Not only have we spent more than 60 years creating processes that will allow us to meet the needs of our customers, but we also have experience dealing with requests big and small.  We have mastered thinking outside the box to create the parts that are needed.  We have created a company that is about fulfilling the unique needs of our customers as accurately and as quickly as possible.  This doesn’t come easily or quickly, instead, it has come with experience.  We’ve grown along with our customers.  Business longevity matters, and we are proud of the progression of ROC Carbon Company.


Through our experience, we have learned that second to quality, speed is of utmost importance.

Speed Matters
Speed Matters

When you need a replacement part, ROC Carbon Company understands that time is money.  When you are not able to operate as usual you are losing money.  This is why, since 1956, we have focused on speed.  This is why we work hard to anticipate the needs of our regular customers and stand ready for orders from new ones.

We make it our practice to get to work in as little time creating custom carbon graphite parts.  In fact, from the time you request a part, it can be as little as two hours when work begins.  If you have drawings, serial numbers, or specs it allows us to get right to work on your part request. Our employees are committed to crafting carbon graphite parts that meet and exceed your expectations, so care is taken to get the part completed as quickly as possible and shipped out.  This dedication to efficiency ensures that our customers can get back online ASAP.

Customer Service

Customer service can make or break a business.  ROC Carbon Company is dedicated to providing top-notch service to every customer, new or old, every time we cross paths.  We work to understand the needs of the customer, ensure we have all the appropriate information, we craft high-quality replacement parts, and we ship them off quickly.

Customer service is engrained in our company culture. We are proud to have employees who have

customer service
The Importance of Customer Service

been with the company for 20+ years because they are proud to work here.  This pride carries over into the work, ensuring that every order is fulfilled accurately.  Since 1956, we have found that this dedication to customer service allows us to build relationships with our customers.  This relationship creates loyalty and trust, bringing back customers time and time again.  Having this ongoing need allows us to anticipate the needs of our clients, ensuring they receive the carbon graphite replacement parts they need when they need them.

Variety of Services

ROC Carbon company is also a great choice for many who need replacement parts because we offer a variety of services.  Not only do we offer custom parts ordering, but we offer a whole host of other services including but not limited to:

Offering these services allows us to meet our customers where they are at and determine what parts or materials would fit their needs best.  We also offer a variety of materials such as PTFE, Carbon Graphite, and PEEK to ensure that the most appropriate material is used in every application to ensure satisfaction.

ROC Carbon is Ready to Assist

If you are tired of dealing with OEM’s that have long lead times or cannot provide you with the parts you need, you need not deal with that frustration any longer.  ROC Carbon Company is ready to assist you with all of your parts needs.  Whether you have standard parts that we regularly stock or we need to create something custom for you, we are up for the challenge.  We have more than 60 years of experience assisting customers with a wide variety of parts needs and would love the opportunity to streamline your access to the parts that will get you back online FAST.

We currently have thousands of parts in our system that we can begin making for you now, or we can work from drawings.  Our goal is always to provide you with the highest quality part that you need as quickly as possible.  You can contact us to request a quote, or you can view our brochure to see what we can offer.  We look forward to exceeding all your expectations soon!

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