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Building a Relationship With Your Replacement Parts Manufacturer

replacement parts manufacturer relationship

When you are tasked with parts procurement you know how frustrating and time-consuming the job can be.  It may seem like you have to go on a hunt for the products you need each time you need them, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  Instead, the focus should be on finding a replacement parts manufacturer who wants to build a relationship with you and will always be prepared to provide you with the parts you need when you need them.

Why the Relationship Approach Works

relationshipIf you have been going to a different parts provider every time you need a part, out of desperation, you haven’t had a chance to build a relationship with your supplier.  And, many parts suppliers simply aren’t interested in building a relationship with their customers.  That is what makes ROC Carbon Company different.  Not only do we have the parts you need, but we also enjoy building a relationship with our customers.

Building a relationship works well for all involved because:

  • When you call for a part we know who you are, so we don’t have to waste time creating an account.
  • If you need consumable parts we will know what you need when you call so there is no delay in confirming product sizing.
  • Having an ongoing relationship allows us to expect your call, streamlining the ordering process.
  • The ongoing relationship makes turnaround time faster, so you get your parts sooner.

ROC Carbon Wants to Be Your Parts Supplier

As a manufacturer of carbon graphite parts, ROC Carbon enjoys building relationships with our customers.  Whether you order on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis doesn’t matter to us.  What matters is building a relationship that will allow us to craft quality parts for you quickly, getting you back online, or ensuring you always have the necessary parts on hand.  Contact us today, request a quote, or browse our catalog to learn more about our product and service offerings.  We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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