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Why ROC Carbon Replacement Parts?

mazak ROC carbon replacement parts

When parts wear out and need replaced, you need replacement parts and quick.  OEM parts can often be hard to source promptly, which is why more and more manufacturers are turning to carbon graphite replacement parts to fulfill their needs and get back to work quickly.

Carbon graphite replacement parts

Carbon Graphite: A Versatile Material for Replacement Parts

Carbon graphite is a versatile material that lends itself well to use in a variety of industries. Benefits of carbon graphite include but are not limited to:

  • Self-lubricating. Because many parts are used in high temperatures, having a self-lubricating material is highly beneficial.  Carbon graphite is a great choice when lubrication itself cannot be used.
  • Impregnation of elements. Part of what makes carbon graphite so versatile is that it can be impregnated with other elements such as resins, metals, and oxidation inhibitors to make enhance its heat resistance and durability.
  • Heat resistant. Because the elements in machinery are often exposed to very high temperatures, having parts made of the most heat resistant materials is important. Not only is carbon graphite itself very heat resistant, when its impregnated with other elements its heat resistance can be improved further.
  • Corrosive resistance. If you need parts that can be exposed to corrosive materials, carbon graphite replacement parts are a great option.  Naturally, carbon graphite can be exposed to many corrosives and impregnation can expand upon this even further.

Why ROC Carbon Replacement Parts?

Why is ROC Carbon a great choice? Because for over 60-plus years, we have been fulfilling the needs of businesses and individuals just like you.  Our experience has led us to offer a wide selection of parts in a very streamlined manner that simplifies the process, allowing for a quick process from our initial interaction to the delivery of your product.  Our focus has always been to create the highest quality parts in as little time as possible to get our clients back up and running.

ROC Carbon is Ready to Provide All of Your Carbon Graphite Parts Quickly

If you are looking for seals, bearings, bushings, or other carbon graphite parts ROC Carbon Company would be pleased to work with you.  Since 1956, our goal has been to provide our clients with the parts they need, to their exact specifications, all in a 24-hour window to minimize downtime.

Let us know what we can do to get you back up and running quickly.

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