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Solid As a ROC (Carbon)

ROC Carbon's employees make ROC

We covered a great deal in our ROC Carbon history blog series, from ROC Carbon’s creation by its founder Morgan Ricks to its evolution under the guidance of Dody Ricks-Somerford to Al Turala to Pam Carlson to current CEO Curtis Sager. This blog series has focused on the strength of leaders to move a company forward during a family or national tragedy.

ROC Carbon History House

This journal has emphasized the intelligence of good CEOs who knew when to step down and trust the company to a new generation. Finally, these blogs have shown a company that respects its employees, leading employees to grow with the company. Leadership that gives their all to their company has resulted in employees and customers who genuinely love ROC Carbon.

The one thread that has run through every ROC Carbon leader and something that is implemented throughout everything ROC does has been faith. It is so essential to us that we have it on our website front page. Placing our faith in God has led us to respect our employees.


Former CEO Pam Carlson stated,” people must know that there is no such thing as a perfect company.” Pam’s faith has always been number one to her and is something that has guided her. That faith is also what pushed her to re-examine the company. She realized that there is no such thing as having zero problems and that incidents will always happen. ROC Carbon looks at each problem we run into while running our business as an opportunity to learn and grow. When one has faith and honor, that faith is returned. 

ROC Carbon’s Loyalty

ROC’s faith leads to empathy. That empathy for our employees leads to loyalty. People are not machines, and in the last chapter, we wrote how Pam brought in a chaplain group for workers to council team members through personal challenges. This act is something she learned from her mother. Giving our employees a safe place to work makes them feel like family. One example we are proud of occurred a few years ago. One of our employees of Vietnamese descent was in a bad car accident that placed his child in the hospital. Pam brought those parents into her office, sat with them, and asked, “can I pray for you and your son?” The employee was touched that their CEO cared about their personal and spiritual welfare. Pam looked within, knowing her faith had carried her through troubled waters and wanted to extend that faith to her work family.  

ROC Carbon's Quality Service

Caring curates a deep loyalty from employees that you can’t manufacture out of thin air. This personal meeting wasn’t the first time a ROC CEO has done this, and it won’t be the last. Putting faith in your employees will always lead to loyalty. It’s just another way of showing that you care. It makes everyone feel valuable, and it’s one way to keep your employees for 20, 30, or 40 years.

The ROC Carbon Domino Effect

We have written a lot about ROC Carbon and our employees.

Everything that ROC Carbon has gone through and our firm faith has brought us closer to one another since our inception. We really do consider everyone here as “family.”

Being there for each other and creating this loyalty from the top of the company downward has led to a company that runs so effectively and efficiently that our customers expect quality products and services from a team that cares about each job and everyone equally. 

That is why our customers know that when they frantically call us on a Saturday about a broken part, our team will come in and get them a new piece within a 24-hour time frame. ROC Carbon is a family, and we want our customers to feel that way. Knowing a company has your back 24/7 is what faith, confidence, trust, and loyalty get you. 

We at ROC hope you enjoyed this history blog series. From hand-delivering custom parts out of that little room on the side of Morgan’s house and growing into a company that can turn around a broken part in 24 hours, ROC Carbon has come a long way, and we are only just getting started.

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