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ROC Carbon for All of Your Replacement Parts Needs

Carbon Graphite Mechanical Seal Faces

If you have been in search of a parts vendor who is anticipating your every need and appreciates that time is of the essence, you need not look any further than ROC Carbon Company.  Since 1956, we have been crafting carbon graphite replacement parts to fulfill standard needs as well as custom orders.  ROC Carbon has a variety of different material offers and services to meet the unique needs of every customer.

carbon graphite rings

Material Offerings

At ROC Carbon we understand that every need is different.  That is why we offer a variety of materials to ensure that every customer gets a part that is crafted from the material that will serve their needs best.  We offer several materials and also offer the ability the impregnate the materials for performance.  Our material offerings include but may not be limited to:

In addition to offering a variety of materials, ROC Carbon offers a variety of technical services. While we provide standard carbon graphite replacement parts, we know that sometimes a little more work is needed.  Additional services include but are not limited to:

These services ensure that we can meet the needs of every customer.  Our staff stands ready to craft standard parts that are hard to procure quickly through an OEM, but we also welcome more out of the box parts requests.

ROC Carbon Company is Ready to Help

Are you ready to work with a parts provider who can craft the parts you need when you need them?  Because we manufacture all of our parts, you never have to worry about calling ROC Carbon and being told we cannot procure the part promptly.  Instead, when you request a quote you can expect us to get to work in as little as two hours. 

Our goal is to provide the highest quality replacement parts as quickly as possible.

Contact us today to request a quote, or download a brochure to learn more about what we do. 

We look forward to working with you soon!

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