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Custom Replacement Parts Simply Make Sense

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One of the most frustrating aspects of owning any sort of equipment is when they break down and you need to replace parts.  Yet, this is part of owning equipment, you know that parts will wear down and need to be replaced.  The only thing more frustrating than this fact is that it can often be difficult to find the replacement parts that you need when you need them.  Many business owners and organizations have found that custom replacement parts will get them back up and running sooner.

Carbon graphite machining

Why Custom Replacement Parts?

Quick access to parts is why many first start considering replacement parts. Many people hear the word custom and they often assume that is not what they need or it will be out of their price range.  Yet, if you look into OEM parts you may find that lead times are just too great.  It can be weeks before some parts can be found or be shipped to you.  If you choose custom parts, you can have what you need in a few days.

Custom often just refers to having the parts created for you, by someone other than the original equipment manufacturer.   If your part has a serial number or part number you can provide this number to a source that does carbon graphite machining and they can have the part created for you quickly and easily to the OEM specifications.  The best part? There is very little or no lead times, as common parts are often stocked and on the shelves awaiting your call.

If you have found that specific parts continue to wear out time and time again, you can talk to the professionals about the grade of material that you are currently using in a part and see if something else can be used.  This is the great part about custom parts manufacturers, they can create the things that you need when you need them.

Have machinery that is no longer being made so parts are impossible to find?  You aren’t alone and this is where custom parts manufacturers will come into play.  If you have serial numbers or even exact measurements of the parts that you need, custom parts suppliers can recreate the parts for you and get your equipment back up and running.

ROC Carbon Wants to be Your Source for Carbon Graphite Replacement Parts

You don’ have to be frustrated with long lead times or a lack of access to older parts any longer.  ROC Carbon can help you get your equipment back online, often starting work on the parts you need in as little as two hours.  With thousands of parts in our catalogs, we are sure that we can meet and exceed your expectations.   Since 1956 we have been providing high-quality carbon graphite parts to clients just like you!  Feel free to download a brochure or request a quote today.  We look forward to doing business with you soon!

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