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Choosing Custom Parts Instead of OEM

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Custom parts procurement is a task that no one particularly enjoys, but when you have machinery of any sort you know that parts will wear with use and they will need to be replaced.  In the past, the frustration of dealing with an OEM that had long lead times or couldn’t always source the parts you needed when you needed them was simply par for the course.  This is no longer the case.  Today you have options that will allow you to receive the parts that you need promptly.

carbon graphite custom parts

Custom Replacement Parts Make Sense

Many business owners hear the term “custom” and they assume that the cost of custom parts is out of their budget.  However, this is rarely the case.  OEM for a long time was the cheapest way to source the parts that you need.  Yet, if you are frustrated with waiting times, you owe it to yourself and your bottom line to explore the cost of custom parts.  You might just be surprised.

Replacement Parts that Just Make Sense

Custom replacement parts make sense for a variety of reasons, leaving many business owners to choose custom over OEM parts.  The deciding factor for many business owners include but are not limited to:

  • Fast response time when a part is needed
  • Crafting a part can start in as little as two minutes
  • Part can be impregnated with additional materials to ensure it performs as well as possible
  • Shipping is fast, getting you back online as fast as possible
  • No frustration looking for a part

As you can see, many business owners are simply finding that custom replacement parts simply make good business sense. There is no frustration, you simply communicate your need, your part is made to your specs, and you have it in hand within a few days.  What is not to love about this approach?

ROC Carbon Wants to Show you the Custom Part Difference

As a business ourselves, we understand that when you have a need, you need it tended to right away.  Since 1956 we have been crafting custom carbon graphite parts for business owners just like you. If you have specs, drawings, or part numbers, we can start crafting your part in as little as two hours. 

Our process has been perfected over time.  Our experience is to your benefit! We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Contact us today to get back up and running.

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