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Choosing Carbon Graphite Turbine Seal Rings

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If you are in the market for turbine seal rings, you know that time is of the essence.  When you deal with OEM parts suppliers you often must wait days to source the part, and then you may be looking at several more days to weeks for delivery.  Every day that you wait can mean huge losses in production and profit overall.  This is where custom Turbine Rings can serve you and your business productivity well.

turbine ringsQuality Replacement Parts: ROC Carbon Turbine Seal Rings

When you can’t wait for long lead times on OEM rings, ROC Carbon can provide you with the seal rings that you need quickly so you can get back to work.

The carbon turbine packing rings manufactured by ROC Carbon Company are used by petroleum, petrochemical, and power industries worldwide. The carbon ring functions as a pressure breaker in steam turbines used to power pumps and compressors, moving fluids through a piping system or to power generators to make electricity.

The turbine is connected through a shaft to a pump or generator. As steam enters the inlet end of the turbine, it passes through a series of multi-bladed vanes on a centrally rotating spindle. As the steam pressure pushes against and passes by the vanes and exists the turbine, it forces the shaft to rotate.  The rotating shaft, in turn, drives the connected equipment.

The carbon rings are normally used in groups of two or more and are situated toward the end of the turbine housing.  They are manufactured to allow a specific amount of clearance over the diameter of the shaft.  The amount of clearance is dependent on the temperature and pressure of the steam passing through the turbine.  Each ring in the series functions as a pressure breaker ring and a seal ring.

As the steam tries to push its way down the shaft, it forces the face of the carbon ring against the housing wall, creating a seal.  The small amount of clearance between the carbon ring I.D. and the shaft allows a portion of the steam pressure down as it nears the end of the housing.  As the steam reaches the final ring in the series, the pressure has been broken down sufficiently to make that ring the primary seal between the turbines’ inner working and the atmosphere outside.

Our Carbon Graphite Parts Can Safely Replace OEM

If you have always gone to OEM certified dealers and you are new to graphite replacement Rings, you need not worry about the safety or precision of the parts that you order from ROC Carbon. ROC Carbon manufactures all parts to the exact specifications of the original parts supplier.  When you place your order, we discuss what you need and its application so we can craft the right part the first time.

Ensuring Integrity from Order to Delivery

We take our time understanding the needs of each customer so we can deliver the exact product they need promptly.  We make sure that the intended product arrives just as it left ROC Carbon, so you can get back to work as soon as your parts arrive.

Let ROC Carbon Provide You With All Your Carbon Graphite Parts and Turbine Seal Ring Needs

If you are looking for seals, bearings, bushings, or other carbon graphite parts ROC Carbon Company would be pleased to work with you.  Since 1956, our goal has been to provide our clients with the parts they need, to their exact specifications, in as little time as possible to minimize downtime. Download a brochure today or contact us and let us know what we can do, to get you back up and running quickly.

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