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Segmented Seal Rings: Quick Access When You Need It Most

segmented seal ring
segmented seal rings

Generally speaking, we don’t give much thought to the components that make our machinery work, until those components stop working.  If you have a steam turbine or other machinery that utilizes segmented seal rings, you no doubt have an appreciation for how important seal rings and packing rings are to the operation of a whole system.  If you have had a difficult time accessing the rings when you need them, you know how impactful the lack of quick turnaround time can be, too.

When OEM Parts Can’t be Found

If you find that your segmented seal rings or packing rings are wearing out and need to be replaced if you are like many businesses you try to find the OEM part that matches what you have been using.  The issue with this is that the part may be hard to source or, depending on your machinery, it may not be made anymore.  The longer the part takes the source the longer your production stops and that introduces a whole host of problems for your business related to labor and revenue.  Yet, it’s important to understand that OEM is not the only way.

Carbon Graphite Segmented Seal Rings

While OEM is often a solution, sometimes it is not the best solution.  More and more businesses like yours are turning to carbon graphite replacement parts because they can be sourced quickly and made to your exact specifications.  If you have the specs and the serial numbers, you can receive your part in days instead of weeks.  This gets you back online quickly, so you don’t have to stress about labor and revenue concerns when you are unable to operate your machinery.

The ROC Carbon Company Approach

ROC Carbon has been in the business of supplying businesses like yours the carbon graphite replacement parts that you need when you need them.  Our approach is to offer rings with precision manufacturing for optimum sealing performance and sealing life so you get reliable products that you can count on.  We have compiled a database of over 20,000 cross-referenced part numbers so that when you need a part and you have the supply model or OEM part number, we can determine the right ROC part number and if it is in stock it can be immediately shipped out to you. 

Need a part now? 

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