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Problem Solved: Custom Carbon Graphite Parts

ROC Carbon Made to Order

Mechanical parts will wear over time and need to be replaced, that is a fact. For years you may have been seeking the parts you need from the same suppliers, assuming the long wait times or worry that the part won’t be in stock is your only option.  You may be spending too much payroll on parts procurement with no end in sight.  The great news is that custom carbon graphite parts can solve a lot of these issues.

Carbon graphite replacement parts

Problem: OEM Doesn’t Always Have the Part I Need

Ordering a custom part will ensure that you always have access to the parts that you need. Because the parts are truly custom made for you and your needs, the part is available when you need it.  Making the parts you need from carbon graphite is straight forward.  You let us know your part number or specs, and we get to work making the part you need right away.

Problem: My OEM Takes Forever to Ship

This is a huge frustration for many business owners. When you need the part you usually need it right away.  When you are dealing with custom carbon graphite parts, there is not a long lead time to source the part and move it from one warehouse to another.  Instead, the part is crafted for you and then immediately boxed up and shipped out.  No need to struggle with long shipping times.

Problem: My Employees Spend a Lot of Time Searching for OEM Stock

Choosing to order custom graphite parts takes care of this issue, too!  Your employees can order the custom parts they need over the phone or even over the internet in a matter of minutes.  All that is needed is part numbers or specs and the work begins. No need to hunt down the OEM who has the parts when you need them. When it’s custom, it’s always available.  This will save you time and money!

Problem: My OEM No Longer Offers the Part I Need

IF you are working with older machinery that is still in great working condition you may run into the issue where the OEM no longer offers the replacement parts that you need.  This is because the OEM may want you to invest in a newer version of the same machinery. Yet, if your equipment is in good working order, why?  Custom carbon graphite replacement parts can be made for your machinery no matter its age.  All that is needed is a part number or specs and it can be crafted for you when you need it.

ROC Carbon Company Wants to Be Your Problem Solver

If you want to streamline your parts procurement without all of the normal frustrations, we invite you to get to know us here at ROC Carbon Company. Since 1956, we have been working to supply our customers with the custom parts that they need, when they need them.  Ready to receive the parts you need within a few days rather than a few weeks?  Request a quote now, view our brochure, or give us a call at 713-766-6473 to discuss your needs!

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