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Chapter 4: Pam’s History

Welcome back, friend, to ROC Carbon’s continuing history blog! We hope you have been having fun learning about ROC Carbon’s history and new products. In this chapter, we learn more about Pam’s decision to step into the leadership role and about ROC’s high standard of quality customer service. Don’t forget that when you are done with the blog, keep reading to learn about this month’s featured item: Our Sales Process!

Where were we…

If you were to ever ask Teen Pam, if she ever thought she would take over the family company, she would tell you that never, ever in her wildest dreams would she have even chosen that path.  Sitting down with Pam gives us a glimpse of a past that we don’t get to see anymore.  When she first started working with her dad in their home, they had a little home office and she worked there on the weekends for $25 a month.

Love what you do

Pam found something so rare in this world; she loved her job. Pam loved her job because she was so good at it – the typing, the grammar, the shorthand, the gasp talking to people on the phone. Pam was that first “Girl Friday,” and Pam loved it. She worked there every summer and during the holidays when she had enough days off from school. Human Resources was her “bailey wig.” Pam found her niche, and she loved it. Al saw all of this, watched how she flourished with the people, and knew that she was the one to take over. Someone with that much drive and personal connection to the people was something special.

Quality Service is the name of the game

ROC Carbon's Quality Service

Why did Al think that someone who had excellent personal skills and cared about both worker and client was important? Well, that was her father’s mindset in running the company. When Morgan first began his journey, and before ROC Carbon was even on his radar, he started in a small workshop off his carport. He wanted to keep things close and personal. When he built the family house, Morgan kept with the small and intimate system by making a small office where he launched what would become ROC Carbon, and then outside the carport was the workshop.

This small office is where he would bring the parts in, individually wrap each one in tin foil, handwrite the label on a piece of manila folder paper, and tape it around that part. After this process, he would put each piece in a box and hand carry those orders to the refineries and chemical plants. You read that right; Morgan would hand-deliver each part. ROC Carbon, since Day One, has always viewed customer service to be number one. They know that if you focus on customer service, then the quality of the parts will be above all the others. That’s as true today as it was when ROC Carbon was founded.

From Morgan to Al to Pam to Curtis, ROC Carbon looks at shipping, receiving, and customer service today the same way they have since its inception – quality and speed. ROC Carbon is doing amazing things, and now we do a 24-hour turnaround. We do what Amazon can’t even do. Get you these parts in 24 hours. ROC Carbon makes sure that you are getting taken care of.

To Be Continued…

Sales Process

If you are ordering from ROC Carbon, that usually means one of two things; you have a part that is broken or worn out and requires replacing, and the other is that you value quality in manufacturing.

Now ROC Carbon understands how stressful these situations can be, so ordering from ROC Carbon is super easy! We take the stress away from you. Think of ROC Carbon as your customer service stress ball.

There are three ways to contact us:

  1. Chat
  2. Call
  3. Email

But wait! What if you aren’t sure what your part is made of? Don’t worry! We can help you identify just what that broken or worn part is.

Now, suppose you are sitting there wondering what the best grade of carbon is for your application. In that case, the experts at ROC Carbon will look at your operating conditions and suggest a grade that gives your product longer wear and more incredible performance. If you want to upgrade your carbon selection or if you wonder if carbon is suitable for what you need. ROC Carbon is the place for you!

Do you have a carbon part that you need a replacement for or need another one, but it is out of production? Come on in and chat with any of our inside sales team. Our customer service group can help you by reverse engineering your part, and with our quick turn, delivery can have it in your hands in no time! While other companies might have you waiting for two weeks or longer, ROC Carbon prides itself on a 24-hour turnaround.

You may ask, “well, what happens if I order equipment, it arrives at the shop, I open it, and find only destroyed seals or missing seals,” what happens then? Chat, call or email us, and in no time at all, we can figure out what needs to be replaced and have them designed, manufactured, and shipped right to your doorstep!

For more information on how ROC Carbon can better assist youContact ROC Carbon Today!

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