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Build a Relationship with a Custom Parts Supplier Now

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Manufacturers know that machines always break down when you least expect them and, more often than anything else, when you can least tolerate it. Finding the parts you need, at the right time, can add to the frustrations of having slowed or paused your production. While you have always relied on OEM parts, now is a great time to build a relationship with a custom parts supplier.

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Benefitting Your Business by Building Relationships

Do you often find it is difficult to source the OEM parts that you need?  Or, do you find that the parts take weeks to arrive when you need to be back online now?  These are common factors that motivate manufacturers to build relationships with custom parts providers.

There are many benefits to building a relationship with a custom parts supplier such as:

  • Ability to source parts quickly. In manufacturing, time is money.  When a machine has stopped working because a part needs to be replaced, you simply don’t have time to source an OEM part that will take weeks to arrive.  Custom parts suppliers will be able to create the product you need with more reasonable delivery times.
  • Creation of discontinued parts. Do you have machinery that still does the job but is no longer made?  This can be frustrating when you need to find parts.  Even if you cannot source an OEM part for the machinery, a custom parts supplier can create it to your exact specifications.  This can keep older or obsolete machinery in working order even if OEM parts have been discontinued.
  • Cost savings. While it is not always the case, you may even find that the custom parts are more affordable than the OEM parts you have purchased in the past.  If you can get back online faster and more affordably, why wouldn’t you choose to go with a custom parts supplier?

As you can see, there are many impactful business reasons to build a relationship with a custom parts supplier.  With today’s technology, custom parts are created to match the OEM part specs exactly, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality or durability to benefit your business.

ROC Carbon To Work With You

ROC Carbon Company

When you buy from ROC Carbon you don’t ever just buy off a list. Your parts are selected with you and your specific needs in mind. That approach defines who we are; we develop relationships with all our customers because every client is important to us! Our customer service representatives have an average tenure of 14 years working here at ROC Carbon and their priority is building and maintaining our customer relationships.

We look at all your material choices and always first take your budget into account, then we look at what the available options are that will meet your service conditions. We ask what your delivery needs are, and then make the manufacturing department aware of your request and enter your quote or order immediately. We go the extra mile to ensure a quick turnaround is available for your delivery, as we know that time is money on a rush repair!

Have a damaged bearing or ring that needs to be replaced?  We accomplish this daily. ROC Carbon will reverse engineer your part, including identifying what the grade of material being used in the housing as well as actual carbon. We will get the exact parameters including operating temperature and what medium the materials are in contact with, as well as the shaft rotating speed.  It is this attention to detail that really does set us apart from the rest.

Ready to Get Started?

ROC Carbon takes pride in working with companies from all over the globe, providing the parts they need when they need them.  Since 1956, our goal has been to provide our clients with the parts they need, to their exact specifications, in as little time as possible to minimize downtime.

Let us know how we can help you!

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